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Welcome to the blog of me, Paige Tabone; student, writer, nerd, self-critic, telly-addict and self-confessed Cerebral Palsy-er (or wobbly if you will). It is the latter that has brought me to blogging. Ramming my way through the bullshit stereotypes that surround disability, showing the undiluted truth of someone twenty-two years into living on the often bumpy and unpredictable road against what's seen as 'normal'.

I'm aware you might have just got lost trying to navigate yourself to a hilarious cat video; now you are looking bewildered as you see nether a ominous looking jump or an unwittingly naive cat. Yet whether you find yourself here by purpose, mistake or luck I welcome you and offer you to get yourself comfortable, grab a nice cup of tea or a strong, stiff drink and stay for a bit. You see this isn't a story about some poor, unfortunate girl with a disability; it's simply a story about a girl with a set of tits, a set of tires and a mission to set the disability misconceptions record straight...

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Shove it where the sun don't shine....

I'm sick of this constant underlying tone of bullshit... Sorry if that's a tad crude  to start a blog so early on this Sunday afternoon but, fuck, I'm angry right now. Why does everything in life come down to the things that make you different? Be it because your, too tall, too big, too small, too ginger- for the record the utmost best section of society - or in a wheelchair. I really think it should be those ignorant, relentlessly inconsiderate arseholes, like the bus driver that just ruined my day, that should be treated different in society; for, and correct me if I'm wrong, being a twat is a much less appealing quality in a human being than being over weight or too tall?

It may seem nothing, a bus driver completely ignoring your existence and driving straight past you at the bus stop while your waving like a complete stark-raving lunatic for him to stop, but with this incident being one of many, it truly is the straw that broke the camels back. I don't know if it's just bus drivers in Hertfordshire, but this isn't the first time I've been astounded by their complete lack of care. Last summer I had the joyous pleasure of being threatened by one who aggressively announced 'I don't take cripple's on my bus'. Charming man. In hind-sight of this, and I have given it some thought, my response would have been more eloquent than just a bewildered 'oh', but, hey, it was that heat of the moment.

I guessed what I've realized is that it has become okay to treat those who might be a bit quirky differently and, gawd damn, it ain't right! Small things are creeping into our mainstream that are making us, frankly, not very nice people. As a 'minority' I  can't even count on my fingers how many times a taxi, or bus, has driven passed me because taking a wheelchair passenger is 'too much hassle' or I've been out shopping at the person behind the till has spoken to my friend and not me. Enough is enough.

Quirkies unite.

So red-heads grab your hairspray, wheelchair's brace those Allen key's, shorties break out the high heels, gentlemen adjust your balls and ladies grab your Spanx; it's about time we made a stand...

Better still, you know what? Why not open that door for the stranger in the wheelchair today? Or compliment that girl in the coffee shop who's looking a bit down on how nice her hair is? Or just go the full hog and tell the guy in the queue for lunch he has the best socks you've ever seen! I don't care; just for god sake human race, try and be a little nicer and let the haters shove it where the sun don't shine.,,