Well hello

Welcome to the blog of me, Paige Tabone; student, writer, nerd, self-critic, telly-addict and self-confessed Cerebral Palsy-er (or wobbly if you will). It is the latter that has brought me to blogging. Ramming my way through the bullshit stereotypes that surround disability, showing the undiluted truth of someone twenty-two years into living on the often bumpy and unpredictable road against what's seen as 'normal'.

I'm aware you might have just got lost trying to navigate yourself to a hilarious cat video; now you are looking bewildered as you see nether a ominous looking jump or an unwittingly naive cat. Yet whether you find yourself here by purpose, mistake or luck I welcome you and offer you to get yourself comfortable, grab a nice cup of tea or a strong, stiff drink and stay for a bit. You see this isn't a story about some poor, unfortunate girl with a disability; it's simply a story about a girl with a set of tits, a set of tires and a mission to set the disability misconceptions record straight...

Thursday, 2 July 2015

And so it begins...

Do you know what annoys me? Tall people. I have nothing against them, I'm not out on some tall people crusade or anything, in fact they are an asset to my life in many ways. They can reach high shelves and navigate through crowded places with ease, but the reason they annoy me is that I'm at the other end of the spectrum. I get swamped by large crowds and can never reach the top shelf in the supermarket - which I guaranteed is always where the item I need most will be - all because I am 5ft 3" and in a wheelchair. 

Everyone is tall to me and it's infuriating. My life is a collage of bums and crotches. Before me on a daily basis I am presented with a sea of looming bodies above me. At times I'd be easily mistaken for being in my very own version of the BFG; I'm little squiggled Sophie looking up at friendly but often slightly intimidating giants and that's not to mention the neck ache. Have you ever been looking up at two people having a heated conversation? It's like watching Federer and Nadal play at the Wimbledon final I'm surprised I don't get whiplash. Sadly this is one of the many tribulations of living your life sitting down; well that and 'numb-bum syndrome', there is truly nothing worse.

So welcome to my world, a look into life in a wheelchair, the good the bad and the damn right insulting. No bullshit, no PC prudence and no patronizing niceties just my life as a 20-something, with tires, tits and hopefully a refreshing dash of truth.

But before you write this off as just another 'samey life blog', hear me out. Disability or no disability, wheelchair or no wheelchair, I'll tell it the way I see it and from all the way down here looking up, it might just be and interesting and surprising view.