Well hello

Welcome to the blog of me, Paige Tabone; student, writer, nerd, self-critic, telly-addict and self-confessed Cerebral Palsy-er (or wobbly if you will). It is the latter that has brought me to blogging. Ramming my way through the bullshit stereotypes that surround disability, showing the undiluted truth of someone twenty-two years into living on the often bumpy and unpredictable road against what's seen as 'normal'.

I'm aware you might have just got lost trying to navigate yourself to a hilarious cat video; now you are looking bewildered as you see nether a ominous looking jump or an unwittingly naive cat. Yet whether you find yourself here by purpose, mistake or luck I welcome you and offer you to get yourself comfortable, grab a nice cup of tea or a strong, stiff drink and stay for a bit. You see this isn't a story about some poor, unfortunate girl with a disability; it's simply a story about a girl with a set of tits, a set of tires and a mission to set the disability misconceptions record straight...

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


It may seem insignificant in the vast world of blogging, but today my little old blog reached it's first thousand view milestone! This is unreal for me. I pretty much say it all in the video but the fact that my blog has got even a few of you challenging the misconceptions of disability and coming together to discuss it is amazing and I just wanted to say a little thank you to you all....

Thanks for sticking with me for the first tentative steps, I hope you stay along for the ride to the next thousand!